Online Master Class:
Aya’s Skin Sculpting & Wellness Technique

Online Master Class: Aya’s Skin Sculpting & Wellness Techniques Join Aya’s class to master her unique skin sculpting technique, blending advanced skin analysis with holistic care. With over 30 years of experience, Aya’s approach reshapes and rejuvenates skin, offering more than beauty—it’s a transformation for the soul. Enroll now and elevate your skincare skills with Aya’s Touch, where true skin artistry begins

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What will you learn?

Discover the Secrets of Skin Analysis and Business Success with Aya. Our online course guides you through comprehensive skin evaluation techniques and the art of asking the right questions to tailor your approach. Enhance your expertise with Aya's proven strategies for maintaining a successful skincare business. The course offers an optional hands-on session, providing a practical experience in personalized skincare treatment.

Personalized Skin Analysis Techniques

Lesson - 1 2 HOURS

Learn the intricacies of personalized skin analysis. This module focuses on identifying unique skin types and conditions, ensuring tailored and effective skincare treatment planning for each client.

Holistic Skincare Approaches

Lesson - 2 1 HOUR 30 MIN

Delve into the holistic aspects of skincare, covering the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social elements. Understand how to integrate these into comprehensive treatment plans for optimal client well-being.

Skin Sculpting Mastery

Lesson - 3 2 HOURS

Explore Aya’s unique skin sculpting technique. Learn the art of combining aesthetic enhancement with holistic care, focusing on techniques that reshape and rejuvenate the skin while nurturing overall wellness.

Skincare Business Strategies

Lesson - 4 2 HOURS 15 MIN

Acquire key strategies for running a successful skincare business. This includes client relationship management, marketing techniques, and creating a distinctive brand in the competitive skincare market.

"Aya’s course was a game-changer for me! The depth of knowledge in skin analysis and the hands-on sculpting techniques have tremendously improved my practice. My clients notice the difference!"

Sophia Martin / Esthetician, USA

Transform Your Skills

Embark on a Journey of Skincare Mastery with Aya

Master the art of skin analysis and holistic care, and learn business strategies to elevate your skincare practice to new heights..

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Got questions about Aya's training? Let's dive into the answers to your most common queries and kickstart your career transformation

Aya’s technique emphasizes personalized skin analysis to understand each client's unique skin needs, ensuring tailored and effective skincare treatments.
Aya’s holistic approach considers the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social aspects of well-being, ensuring skincare enhances overall health.
The course covers effective business strategies like client relationship management, personalized service offerings, and marketing techniques in skincare.
Yes, Aya’s course is designed for all levels, from beginners to professionals, offering valuable insights and techniques for all expertise levels.
Yes, the course offers an optional hands-on session, providing practical experience in applying personalized skincare treatments and techniques.
Aya’s skin sculpting technique combines aesthetic enhancement with holistic care, focusing on reshaping and rejuvenating skin while nurturing overall wellness.
Participants receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging their mastery in skin analysis and business strategies taught in Aya’s course.
The duration and availability (online or in-person) of the course can vary. Details are provided on the course schedule and format.
Yes, the course includes insights into current skincare trends and strategies on how to adapt and incorporate these trends into treatment plans.
Skills from Aya’s course can enhance service quality, attract a wider client base, and differentiate a skincare business in a competitive market.